Greener Pastures Community Fund


At Cowbell, we always strive to do the right thing.

The Sparling family has donated $1 million to the Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity in honour of Grant and Mildred Sparling, who moved to Blyth independently, and met in the community they would call home. Grant was a successful entrepreneur at heart and created several businesses in his lifetime, but he never forgot the support of Blyth and area when opened his first hardware store on Queen Street in 1951. Grant and Mildred were actively involved in the village, were proud to call Blyth home, and spent their lives repaying the kindness to the community in mostly inconspicuous ways, some of which were only known after their passing.

Our Greener Pastures Community Fund is just one of the exciting ways we are sharing this journey with you. In December 2016, Cowbell launched a long-term relationship supporting Ontario’s four children’s hospitals. Cowbell donates five cents from every can and pint sold, from the very first beer ever sold in May 2016, to be invested in specific projects at each of the children’s hospitals every year. Cowbell also supports the foundations through event participation and by raising awareness of the important and life-changing work of the remarkable people in these world-class hospitals. Proceeds from the Greener Pastures Community Fund will support life-enhancing programs to improve children’s health and well-being during their time in hospital. Funds raised will also support the Grant and Mildred Sparling Centre at The Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity.

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Community projects

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Ottawa, ON

Greener Pastures Community Fund donations are directed to the CHEO Art Therapy Program, helping young patients and family members with healing and self-expression through art. This program is provided by accredited art therapists.

McMaster Children’s Hospital

Hamilton, ON

Greener Pastures Community Fund donations to McMaster Children’s Hospital assisted in building an outdoor therapeutic play area within the mental health unit (completed Oct 2018). Current donations are going toward necessary renovations to the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic.

Children's Health Foundation

London, On

Children’s Health Foundation receives donations from the Greener Pastures Community Fund to support the Music Therapy Program for patients to improve areas of health, functioning, and well-being within a therapeutic relationship with an accredited music therapist.

SickKids Foundation

Toronto, On

SickKids Foundation donations from the Greener Pastures Community Fund support greatest priority needs within patient care, research and education that have life changing and saving effects on young patients and families.

Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity

Blyth, On

The Greener Pastures Community Fund contributes 5¢ from the sale of every can and pint sold at The Cowbell Farm in Blyth to the Grant and Mildred Sparling Centre at the Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity. The Sparling Family has privately donated $1 million to this project.