Building and Construction


Cowbell's clear mandate for sustainability, along with the utmost care, planning, and attention to detail went into building a "Grand Old Barn" that minimizes energy usage and impact on local wildlife.


Cowbell is a century build, constructed from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified wood products and renewable Canadian Douglas Fir, Pine, Oak and Hemlock, and other locally-sourced timeless materials.

The extensive use of naturally-insulating wood effectively reduces the energy required for heating and cooling.

The Cowbell Barn and Renewable Wood Boards

The Cowbell Barn and Sustainably-Sourced Wood Boards


Environmentally inert fiberglass and wood windows were installed throughout the building. The west-facing windows (shown here) were coated to reduce the greenhouse effect by 80%. This, combined with software-assisted building design and placement, help maximize passive heating and cooling.

Operable cupola windows provide natural ventilation via the stack effect and reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer.

Clean natural gas is utilized for heating. Ceiling fans reduce temperature stratification and reduce the heating and cooling load by 20%.

The West end of the building with large windows, the cupola, and the ceiling fans

Clockwise from top: The Large Windows at the West-Side of the Building; Cupola with Operable Windows; Large Ceiling Fans


All of the lighting fixtures are high-efficiency LED, with motion sensors to turn on lights only when required.

Low-flow fixtures throughout the building minimize the use of water and the effect on the on-site wastewater treatment plant.

Outside, the brewery parking lot features five electric vehicle-charging stations, 4-Tesla chargers and 1-universal charger, which are free to use by Cowbell guests.


Sections of green roof absorb solar radiation and rainwater, clean the air and provide a habitat for butterflies, insects and small birds.

A “Dark Skies” exterior lighting initiative is in place at Cowbell to minimize the harmful effects of light pollution on humans, wildlife and our climate. Exterior lights at Cowbell are only on when needed, no brighter than necessary, only light the area needed, are shielded and minimize blue light emissions.

The Green Roof on the Building

The Green Roof