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  • Cowbell Brewing Co. 40035 Blyth Rd, Blyth, ON
  • Blyth Festival 423 Queen St, Blyth, ON
  • Queen's Bakery 430 Queen Street, Blyth, ON
  • Blyth Food Market 209 Drummond St, Blyth, ON
  • Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 420 192 Dinsley St, Blyth, ON
  • The Blyth Inn 422 Queen St., Blyth, ON
  • Clinton Raceway 147 Beech St., Clinton, ON
  • LCBO 575 Turnberry Street, Brussels, ON
  • Brussels Four Winds 60 Orchard Lane, Brussels, ON
  • LCBO 95 Maple Street, Clinton, ON

Cowbell Brewing Co.

234 Queen St. Blyth ON
(519) 523-4724
    Can you hear that ringing from Huron County? It’s the sound of pride and a call to beer lovers that something fresh, bold and tasty has arrived. Famous for our Blyth Festival Theatre, the only theatre in Canada to premiere 100% Canadian content, we’re contributing something a bit different to the craft beer scene – and a lot different for Huron County.