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Cowbell is a great place to work. We are passionate about contributing to the local community by providing new employment opportunities and helping grow the economy. Our values include the ingredients of ethical, environmental, and social responsibility — working together for a better community — and great beer! Browse our current job postings and reach out to us!

General Manager, Brewing Operations

Blyth, ON

Reporting to the Chief Development Officer, the General Manager, Brewing Operations is responsible for overseeing all aspects of brewing operations, including brewing, cellaring and quality control. The General Manager, Brewing Operations will support Cowbell’s core values and culture, while providing managerial leadership, operational excellence and accountability for all aspects of the brewing operations. The General Manager, Brewing Operations will have a strong focus on quality, health and safety and continuous improvement.

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Example Duties

Under the supervision of the Chief Development Officer, the duties and responsibilities of the General Manager, Brewing Operations include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Effective leadership skills with a strong focus on mentoring, developing and motivating employees;
  • Coordinate all brewing activities to guarantee that all standards are met and exceeded;
  • Spearhead the development and implementation of effective production strategies and processes;
  • Sound analytical thinking, planning, prioritization and execution skills;
  • Ability to identify issues and implement creative and strategic solutions to overcome problems;
  • Develop and manage departmental KPI’s;
  • Analyze and report on the brewery’s daily, monthly and annual key performance indicators and industry trends;
  • Ensure regulatory adherence at all levels of operation;
  • As needed, work in other areas to support overall production needs;
  • Build or refine detailed SOPs for all operations, and;
  • Working in a safe and conscientious manner at all times.

Manager, Events

Blyth, ON

Reporting to the Director, Food & Beverage, the Manager, Events oversees all on-site events. Cowbell’s home base is located in Blyth, where the Manager, Events will coordinate a variety of events including weddings, corporate functions, special events, etc. The Manager, Events will be delegated events and event details from the Director, Food & Beverage.

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Example Duties

  • Coordinate on-site events outside of the restaurant;
  • Field on-site event inquiries as instructed by the Director, Food & Beverage;
  • Facilitate necessary event rentals and set up;
  • Obtain SOPs as required;
  • Schedule operations crew for on-site events;
  • Liaise with the Director, Food & Beverage for food orders and invoicing of on-site events;
  • Conduct site tours and sales meetings with potential clients;
  • Remain on-site for events as required;
  • Ensure that all of the events team provide excellent guest experiences;
  • Maintain an organized events calendar;
  • Deliver events according to event specifications and within budget;
  • Track and report results for all on-site events, manage all event budgets and compose all event contracts in a timely manner;
  • Manage supplier relationships, operational, and administrative functions to confirm specific projects are delivered efficiently, and;
  • Other duties as assigned.

Truck Driver

Blyth, ON

Reporting to the Manager, Operations, the Truck Driver is responsible for transporting inventory, both finished goods and raw materials to and from all warehouse locations. The Truck Driver will support the Company’s supply chain logistics in a safe and timely manner.

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Example Duties

Under the supervision of the Manager, Operations, the duties and responsibilities of the Truck Driver include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Transporting inventory by truck to and from warehouse locations and the Cowbell Farm;
  • Inspecting trucks for mechanical items daily, and record all information on our cycle check sheet, report any safety issues to your manager and perform preventative maintenance when necessary;
  • Planning routes and meeting delivery schedules;
  • Complete daily driving activities log in accordance with National Safety Code (NSC);
  • Comply with NSC standards as well as with company policies and procedures;
  • Report defects, accidents or violations to your manager;
  • Work within the warehouse environment when needed, and;
  • Other duties as assigned.


Blyth, ON

Reporting to the Director, Food & Beverage, the Bartender will provide exceptional guest experiences when serving food and beverages to valued guests. As frontline staff, the Bartender will provide table service to guests in a friendly, professional and efficient manner.

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Example Duties

Under the supervision of the Director, Food & Beverage, the duties and responsibilities of the Bartender include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ability to build professional relationships with guests and create an air of familiarity;
  • Provide table service for guests which includes: promptly greeting guests, taking orders, answering menu and beverage inquiries, explaining daily; features, placing orders with kitchen and processing bills and taking payments;
  • Take initiative in becoming knowledgeable in food and beverages being served;
  • Performing opening and closing duties as assigned;
  • Ensure the cleanliness and organization of work area; and
  • Other duties as assigned.

We are Cowbell.

Cowbell’s leaders are resolute in the support of the values to which this company will aspire and honour, the kind of organic culture our workplace will develop, and the reputation for disciplined leadership and product excellence we will achieve together.

Cowbell is growing and so is the team. What also continues to grow is a strong and dynamic organic culture that underpins the four pillars at Cowbell: integrity, quality, community, and social responsibility. Everything we do is measured against these values to ensure that we are true to ourselves and what we would like to be when we grow up.

The values to which we ascribe influence everything we do, from branding to contractor selection. We will only work with qualified, tier one manufacturers, vendors, suppliers and trades and we will hold ourselves mutually accountable to established and measured best practices. This includes fully-implemented quality assurance, quality control and environmental protocols. Cowbell will be transparent in its initiatives.

  • Integrity

    Defines our character.
  • Community

    Stronger together.
  • Quality

    In everything we do.
  • Social Responsibility

    Lead by example.

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