Craft Beer that Rings True


  • August 31st, 2016
  • By Dave Clarke

These are heady days for the craft beer industry and, for lovers of great quality beers, things have never been so good! This is especially true in Ontario – with over 230 breweries of all shapes and sizes currently in operation (and an estimated 85 more in the planning stages), consumers have more choices than ever. Better access to great tasting beer also helps, as the opportunity opens up to buy your favourite beers at grocery stores or online. However, all of this exciting growth does raise at least two pressing questions:

  1. How do consumers make an informed choice with the plethora of brands and beer styles available to them?
  2. How do individual breweries stand out from the pack and give themselves the greatest chance of a bright future?

At Cowbell Brewing Co., we have really just begun our journey. With the building of our amazing new brewery, restaurant, and event space taking shape in Blyth, we decided to contract brew and launch our first brand, Absent Landlord Country Kolsch in late May. The response from beer lovers, LCBO staff and licensees alike has exceeded our wildest expectations and has been very humbling.

Our home patch is Huron County, but Absent Landlord can be found as far afield as Ottawa and Sarnia. Keep an eye out for the distinctive black and yellow branding with Henry, our Absent Landlord, on the side.

Our focus has been on sampling and education with our customers so that they are well equipped to share the story with consumers. Our sales and customer service team is small but jam-packed with passion and dedication, and each employee loves beer with formal training from Prud’homme and Cicerone.

Selling is certainly made easier when the beer is as delicious as Absent Landlord, and we are incredibly fortunate that we have so many great stories to tell. As we introduce ourselves, and share our vision and plans, it has been exciting to get people’s reactions as each individual finds something they can relate to or just makes them smile.

Our simple mantra is “Do The Right Thing.” From our commitment to the environment and local communities, to the quality of our beer, and the detailed information and quirky stories on our cans, we have lots to say and I look forward to sharing these stories with you in the weeks to come.

Authenticity is the key to everything, so it’s a real pleasure to be selling “Craft Beer That Rings True.”