The Team. The Passion. The Community.

Director, Country Cool Experience Blog #1

  • September 8th, 2016

On our journey at Cowbell, we often speak of the economic impact, the environmental sustainability, making a difference, giving back to the community, the love of Blyth and Huron County, Doing the Right Thing, and, of course, the delicious beer! But one thing that is always talked about during our discussions at Cowbell is the people. Everything always comes back to one aspect, great people.

The Team - start with great people and you'll have a great outcome. From our little start up with a couple of us working out of the garage, to the enthusiastic group of 25 people present for our team meeting last Thursday, we've started with great people and we know we will undoubtedly have a great outcome.

The Passion - it comes from within. We cannot teach this, buy this or grow this, it's just in our hearts and our blood. Whatever the case, the energy and passion behind our beer, our build, our environment sustainability, our social responsibility,giving back to the community, our destination, our focus on young people - it all starts with great people with passion.

The Community - a village of 1005 people, in the heart of beautiful Huron County. The community, locally as well as across Ontario, has been engaged and supportive of Cowbell and Absent Landlord. Who knew this type of support could be given in such abundance?! It's been both humbling and inspiring. We look forward to continuing to work together and win together!