Storytelling at Cowbell


  • April 27th, 2017
  • By Floyd Herman

Every community has a history, and within that history are colourful stories of the people and events there. That’s how we came up with the names of the craft beer in our first series, the Founders' Series, where each beer is named after a memorable figure in Blyth’s history, beginning with the village’s namesake, Absent Landlord, and local veterinarian from the 1800’s, Doc Perdue’s Bobcat.

Establishing Cowbell Brewing Co. in Huron County is an exciting adventure. Each step of the way has a story behind it. For example, how did the name “Cowbell” come to be chosen for this new destination brewery? We want to share this and other stories of our remarkable community and our destination brewery through tours of our brand new facility - starting real soon.

That’s where my role with Cowbell Brewing Co. comes into play. I have been collecting those stories and working together with the Cowbell team to figure out innovative ways to share the information with all of you, whether in a self-guided tour or as an escorted group. The accessible building is based on a grand old barn design and includes a catwalk viewing platform for tour groups to provide fantastic views of our brewing and packaging process.

Cowbell tours will appeal to specific interests and groups. Our state-of-the-art closed-loop brewing system could highlight an architectural tour; our expert culinary team might lead a tour focusing on cooking with beer, or pairing food and beverages. Most of all, we want our tours to be fun and educational.

If you have a local story to share, or ideas or questions about tours at Cowbell, I’d love to hear from you, And by the way, the name “Cowbell” was chosen for our craft brewery because it’s a symbol of our rural roots, it's easy to say and remember, and it’s a name with which we can have a lot of fun.

Thank you and Cheers!

Floyd Herman, Chief Storyteller

Cowbell Brewing Co.