Saving Millions of litres of Water - by Design

  • April 11th, 2018
  • By Steven Sparling

Brewing can be a very wasteful process. Lots of energy. Lots of water. And the latter means lots of effluent, or wastewater, too. At Cowbell, we hold ourselves accountable to the Four Pillars on which this business is being built:

Quality. Integrity. Community. Social Responsibility.

Every decision we make is measured against these pillars; our own internal check and balance system. We expect a lot from ourselves and we demand the best from one another. This includes our comprehensive approach to environmental stewardship. We source, treat and dispose of all our brewing water on-site. The system is packed with leading design, technology, oversight and is operated by conscientious brewers and our own environmental engineer with one simple objective: be a good steward and avoid any impact on the municipal system.

Since we opened in August 2017, the most significant reduction in water consumption has been achieved in the brewing process. For example, rectification technology allows us to produce more beer in less time, using less energy - while reducing our water consumption by 250 litres per batch. This will be significant.

Another measurable water saver is our canning line, which uses ionized air, instead of water, to rinse all cans before filling. This will reduce our water consumption by over 5-million litres this year alone. And we are just getting started. I invite you to make a Road Trip to The Cowbell Farm. See for yourself on a VIP Guided Tour.

You will see that we are not bumper sticker environmentalists. We are a growing Team of 160 hard working men and women, growing a business and we are simply determined to "do the Right Thing."