People Matter. Absolutely.

  • January 4th, 2019
  • By Steven Sparling

We are a grateful family. And we appreciate the response to our earnest commitment to build a family-friendly and verified-accessible destination brewery, something we believe is unlike anything else in Canada. This is an inclusive place, authentic to who we are and specific to where we are. Right smack in the middle of 120-acres of beautiful Huron County countryside.

The construction of the Grand Old Barn, our resource management initiatives, use of technology, the ongoing reforestation project, our Greener Pastures Community Fund, a transparent commitment to local (over 75% of the food we serve is sourced in the County) and our world-class craft beer, are the most common topics about which Guests enquire. The Cowbell Team, including our eight Storytellers, are pleased to oblige.

From my perspective though, the real story of any business is the people. People matter. The people with whom we work and the people we are here to serve. Absolutely.

Through Cowbell, we recognize that we have the precious opportunity to make a living - and to make a difference. It’s the kind of bumper sticker one-liner that would be silly for its simplicity, if we were not so serious. And sincere.

Central to making a difference is our commitment to being one part of the economic revitalization that is underway in Huron County. It is about helping to develop critical mass and to grow and shape a sustainable future for our community. It is about “Youth Repatriation.” In too many small, rural communities like Blyth, population 1005, our number one export is high school graduates. We grow them up and ship them out, most to never return. So, one of our stated objectives is to repatriate as many young people as possible, to bring them home, to be part of this start-up.

The result is a workforce at Cowbell that is best described as smart, young, with a disciplined fearlessness that gives life to the audacity of the vision. We are over 170 strong in peak season and 160 for the winter. 51% of the Team is under the age of 30, they are friends, roommates, teammates, travel partners. We are approximately 50/50 male-female, with women in leadership at every level of the business. And we are just getting started.

We are a grateful workforce. To the early supporters of the Cowbell brand and the growing list of retailers and licensees across Ontario who serve Cowbell beer; to the almost 250,000 Guests who have taken a road trip to the Cowbell Farm; and to everyone who has purchased a can or pint, which has enabled Cowbell to donate over $208,000 (as of November 30, 2018) through our Greener Pasture Community Fund to Ontario’s four children’s hospitals and the Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity in Blyth, we say “Thank You!”

In a world where talk can be cheap, rhetoric can be hollow and commitment can be discretionary, the men and women at Cowbell work hard to Ring True, every day. This is not the same as “perfect.” Life is an imperfect adventure and we make no such promise. But we are crystal clear in our commitment to brew exceptional beer and resolute in our promise to create the most memorable Guest Experience possible. We appreciate our Guests and the interest and scrutiny from writers, critics, bloggers, foodies, brewers, colleges and universities in Canada and the United States and from a spectrum of leaders whom we regard as truly exceptional in their respective fields. To the rest of you… what are you waiting for? See you at the Cowbell Farm. :)

Best wishes for 2019.