McMaster Children's Hospital takes a step outside

  • November 2nd, 2018

October 16, 2018, was a very proud day for everyone at Cowbell Brewing Co. Along with other donors, we celebrated the opening of the Wellness Courtyard within the pediatric mental health unit at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

Mental health challenges affect one in five Canadian children. McMaster Children’s Hospital helps care for these patients and is home to the largest single-site inpatient program for pediatric mental health in Canada. The Wellness Courtyard will allow patients to access a safe outdoor space to help maximize the care provided.

The Wellness Courtyard has been a passion project for the dedicated staff members of the pediatric mental health unit since its inception. The staff took the time to learn what patients and families would look for in an outdoor space and modified the Wellness Courtyard plans to include therapy and physical activity spaces. It was very touching, for the members of the Cowbell Team in attendance for the ribbon cutting, to hear the staff speak about what the outdoor space meant to them and the impact of an outdoor space on the children receiving treatment within their unit. We are inspired by their passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to the children in their care.

With your help, Cowbell was able to play a small part in giving children, facing some of their darkest days, the chance to feel the sun on the faces, to enjoy the freedom of being outside and give them a moment, to simply, take a breath. Thank you for your support, and let’s continue to do the right thing, together.

Cowbell Brewing contributes 5¢ from the sale of every pint and can sold, to the four children’s hospitals across Ontario and the Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity in Blyth. To date, Cowbell Brewing’s Greener Pastures Community Fund has provided $43, 980.70 to McMaster Children’s Hospital and will continue to partner with them as they begin renovations on their pediatric hematology/oncology unit.