Kelly’s Contraption: New World Hefeweizen

  • July 6th, 2017
  • By Stephen Rich

It starts with a hazy straw-gold pour with a thick, white foam that clings to the glass. The aroma is elegant and appetizing, up front with bruised banana and clove abound, delicate vanilla and bubblegum notes. Tickled with the bright fruity finish of pineapple, white grape, mandarin orange and candied lemons, the New World invention makes its first appearance. The flavours follow the nose with the hoppy aromatics intensifying, showing off tropical fruit salad and mashed banana with spiced notes of cloves making a subtle appearance on the finish. All of this sits atop a creamy and energetically carbonated warm cereal malt bed. This is Kelly’s Contraption, a New World Hefeweizen and our newest addition to the Founder’s Series.

What is a German Hefeweizen?

A classic German Hefeweizen is a wheat based beer (weizen is German for wheat), using at least 50% wheat in the overall grain in the recipe. The beers are most often served cloudy from residual yeast in suspension. The yeast used is meant not only to stick around for appearance, but also to give off unique characteristics during fermentation. The flavours and aromas usually have spicy notes, like clove or vanilla, and fruity notes, like banana and bubblegum.

New-School Hopped: What Makes Kelly’s Contraption a “New World” Hefeweizen?

The Cowbell soul comes from the hop selection. German hop varieties were selected for a true-to-style weissbier straight out of Bavaria, but we diverted from the traditional Noble Hops like Tettnanger and Hallertauer-Mittelfruh — two of the Noble Hop varieties, traditional to most European beers. We chose instead to use what are known as new-school German hops. This new wave of hop engineering has taken German hop growing and applied it to varieties that are more vibrant and aromatic, in line with the direction of North American hops. The subtle and restrained qualities typical of European grown hops is consistent, while the alpha acids, or A.A., are higher than European hops, which traditionally fall between 1.5–8% A.A. Alpha acids are the oils present in hops which create the bitter aspect in beers when added during the boiling phase of brewing, represented as a percentage of the overall content. The hops chosen for Kelly’s Contraption sit a little higher in the range of 7–10% A.A.

Mandarina Bavaria

A new hop in the marketplace, Mandarina Bavaria displays aromatically elegant notes of citrus — most prominently tangerine and mandarin orange.

Huell Melon

A ripe fruit salad of a hop, with notes of honeydew melon flesh, cantaloupe rind, and strawberries, Huell Melon supports a gentle bitterness.

Hallertauer Blanc

The most potent of the trio, Haller Blanc is fruity and floral with tropical notes of passionfruit, grapefruit, pineapple, white grape and lemongrass.

Food Pairings for our New World Hefeweizen

Kelly’s Contraption is a phenomenal choice when enjoying a meal and has many pairing options. The lighter body and higher carbonation levels of Kelly’s Contraption — 2.8 volumes of carbonation compared to most pale ales and lager at 2.5 — bring the range of pairings into a world that many other beers overwhelm.

  • Summer salads with almost any number of accompaniments
  • Summery fruit in a salad — think watermelon and mint
  • Earthy beets
  • Tacos
  • Goat cheese and smoked cheese
  • Schnitzel and bratwurst with sauerkraut and spicy mustards.

Most of all, Kelly’s Contraption New World Hefeweizen is an awesome accompaniment to a good time with great people.


Alex Couch,