Growler Quality

  • August 28th, 2019
  • By Simon Glassier

A growler may simply be described as an air-tight vessel that is used to transport draught beer without degrading its quality. Although the overall concept may seem simple, it takes an immense amount of time and intentional effort to ensure the quality of the final product is perfect.

At Cowbell Brewing Co., we take pride in ‘doing the Right Thing’ while adhering to four powerful values no matter the situation – Quality, Integrity, Community and Social Responsibility. Our goal for the growler program in the Cowbell General Store is no different. The ultimate goal is for our Guests to enjoy perfect Cowbell craft beer every time they purchase a growler.

Accomplishing a utopian growler experience requires diligence and top-of-the-line equipment. Packaging beer in any type of container, whether it is a can, bottle or growler, requires the highest level of quality control to maintain the beer’s optimal state. There are three main variables that we must be conscious of when packaging beer, and each variable requires a respective action in order to complete the quality equation.

  1. Microbiological Sterility – Beer is like a Michelin-star restaurant for bacteria, but instead of sharing the experience with others, bacteria choose to be selfish and spoil the party. So, to deter their existence we take the required time to perform a deep clean on each growler to eliminate any soils or residual beer. Following the deep clean, growlers undergo a sanitation cycle, where high temperature is used to effectively kill any remaining living organisms. Once each growler meets our sanitation standard, it is now ready for fresh, delicious Cowbell beer.

  2. Oxygen – Although oxygen is a necessity for many life forms on earth, it is very harmful to beer. Oxygen could be classified as a scavenger due to its ability to deteriorate all of the beautiful flavour compounds that reside in beer, and leave you with a product that tastes more like cardboard. YUCK! In order to combat the presence of oxygen, our state-of-the-art Pegas Craft Tap 2.0 growler filler performs a CO2 evacuation/pressurization. This step, removes any oxygen present in the growler and then maintains a CO2 rich environment prior to filling.

  3. Carbonation – One of the final steps in beer production is carbonation. Carbon dioxide is slowly added into beer for the purpose of adding an effervescent mouthfeel as well as illuminating the beautiful aroma and flavour compounds stored within solution. If at any time this carbonation exits the beer, it will negatively affect the flavour, aroma, and overall experience. Luckily, our cutting-edge growler filler will ensure the beer does not lose carbonation during filling, as it fills the vessel under pressure, keeping all CO2 in solution. This sealed counter-pressure filling process mimics the high-quality fill of our world class can line, so if you are enjoying a glass of Cowbell craft beer from a can, growler or keg, all three variants should be identical.

Finally, by ensuring that each growler is microbiologically sterile, void of oxygen, and properly carbonated we can confidently allocate a 30-day shelf life for each and every growler purchased at the Cowbell General Store. Our overarching goal is to satisfy the previously mentioned quality equation in a timely manner so we can guarantee guests have the best experience possible, every time. So, whether you are enjoying a delicious Cowbell beer out of a can around a campfire, in a growler on the dock, or on draught at the Cowbell Farm, we guarantee complete satisfaction.