Craft Beer that Dares to be Bold!

  • November 10th, 2016
  • By Stephen Rich

This November, Blyth Cowbell Brewing Co. is excited to announce the launch of our RENEGADE SERIES! These beers have no predisposition to what anyone thinks beer should be. They shout loud, play aggressive, and live for the moment. A new, limited-production, daught-only RENEGADE beer will be launched every month. They are only available at select pubs and restaurants, and only while supplies last. Get one before they’re gone!

Brewing Beer with an Attitude!

The approach to the RENEGADE SERIES is pure fantasy. Every brewer on the Cowbell Team gets to flex their imagination thinking up flavours and beers for the RENEGADE SERIES. No matter how romantic, irrational, or impossible the flavours seem, we will find a way to make them fantastic, and make them a Cowbell RENEGADE Beer.

All of the beers in the RENEGADE SERIES push the boundaries of flavour, style, expectation and enjoyment. These beers are designed to excite and thrill you - to stimulate your palate and to challenge what you thought could be possible. Some beers will be intense, and others more elegant, but everything and anything is on the table now. No holds barred.

Try a New Bold Flavour Every Month

For these monthly draught-only releases, we are pulling no punches and focusing solely on crafting full-flavoured beers that are unique, exciting, and quite possibly challenging to brew. We are not considering how a beer may fit into our portfolio, what the market may think of it, or how difficult the ingredients may be able to source again. The singular guiding principle for these beers is RENEGADE.

November’s RENEGADE is a Smoky One!

The series kicks off with a classic Rauchbier, a German smoked lager. Before the kiln was invented, grains were heated over open fires during the malting process, giving them a smooth, smoky flavour. Today, we develop this flavour with beechwood-smoked malt in this old-world smoked lager. Rauchbier may have originated in Bamberg, Germany, but we’re bringing it home to Blyth.

The RENEGADE one-off beers showcase unique and local specialty ingredients, as well as old-school and new-world craft brewing techniques to help us bring our dreams to life. Nothing is impossible; beer can be anything you imagine it to be. Every brewer has a RENEGADE inside them. Prepare for the RENEGADE SERIES.