The Countdown Begins

Seven more days!

  • July 31st, 2017
  • By Grant Sparling

One week today, we open our doors!

We are building a unique, beautiful destination craft brewery tailoring the 111-acre space to the vision and values of this craft brewery. Guests will be greeted with enthusiasm in authentic, rural Grand Old Barn architecture and will experience a state-of-the-art brewing and packaging facility, local farm-to-table restaurant, wood-fired pizza oven, and a unique bar venue serving fresh Cowbell beer, craft sodas, and nitro coffees.

Cowbell will be an ideal year ‘round venue for a memorable business conference, family reunion, wedding, team event, or a one-of-a-kind celebration:

Cowbell Cellar

An ultra-unique venue to host your event, right on the floor of the brewery, featuring a soaring 45-foot timber frame ceiling, private patio and silo

The Brewhouse

A closed-loop brewery, featuring high – efficiency equipment reducing unnecessary electricity demand, rectification boil technology that reduces primary energy consumption and on-site wastewater management and conservation

The Silo

Present - events, future – distilling

Doc’s Bar

Where you may enjoy a pint of delicious and unique to the Cowbell Farm experience of craft beer, craft soda and nitro coffees

Cowbell Kitchen - Henry’s Hall, and Mil’s Verandah

With restaurant seating for 180+ guests, indoors and out

The Cowbell General Store

Will offer a variety of ‘Country Cool’ swag, apparel and a Pegas 3.0 growler filling station

Thresher’s Hall

Overlooking Henry’s Hall, an accessible second floor meeting and dining area that may be configured to suit any event

The Loft

Adjacent to Thresher’s Hall, this second floor venue offers an interesting perspective

The Catwalk

Unique vantage point of the entire brewery, where you can take a self-guided tour (available soon in multiple languages)


The Cowbell Farm is a safe, family-friendly and accessible destination. This includes thoughtful interior and exterior design strategies, an elevator, appropriate signage, and extends to all personal facilities such as restrooms and an adult changing station.

We want to create the best experience for you at the Cowbell Farm. Seating will be limited, please call ahead - 519-523-4724.

See you soon at the Cowbell Farm.