Ring in World Ozone Day with Cowbell Brewing Co.

Celebrating World Ozone Day

  • September 15th, 2016
  • By Grant Sparling

World Ozone Day is celebrated around the world annually on September 16th, marking the day in 1987 when the Montreal Protocol was signed. It has been celebrated since 1994 and is meant to spread awareness about the depletion of the ozone layer and promote activities to preserve it.

At Cowbell, we take the environment seriously. So, where does a craft brewery in rural Southwestern Ontario fit into all of this?

Cowbell’s quest for carbon neutrality — a craft brewery like no other

Cowbell Brewing Co. will be the first carbon neutral brewery in North America. Our landmark destination brewery, restaurant, and event venue will offset 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions.

We have the best of the best working with our team to ensure that we meet this goal. Allan Avis Architects’ Jason Morgan is the lead architect on our project. He explains that the “grand old barn” style of our facility, inspired by the rural surroundings of Huron County, isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but minimizes our environmental impact as well. The open, lofty interior space uses rooftop cupolas with remote control windows, making an effective and traditional means of ventilation. Not only that, but the orientation of the building on Cowbell’s property actually effectively reduces the energy required for heating and cooling.

Our state-of-the-art brewing equipment and design is from Newlands Systems Inc. (NSI) of Abbotsford, BC. NSI’s COO Christian Riemerschmid von der Heide says that “the entire system is designed with a comprehensive approach to energy conservation and avoidance.” One of the many features of this system includes a low-energy brew kettle boiling design that reduces primary energy by 50%, evaporation water by up to 80%, and allows remaining vapour to be condensed and used to generate hot water.

Our targeted water-to-beer-consumption ratio is 4:1 — a very low ratio compared to the industry standard of 10:1. Our brewery is a closed-loop facility, meaning our very own onsite deep well supplies 100% of our brewing water. We even have our own effluent management system which has virtually no impact on our community’s sanitary services.

We also have in place a carbon sequestration program. We achieved this on-site through an intensive, 29-acre reforestation project. Working with the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority, we planted approximately 12,000 native tree species in hopes of returning the land back to forest — this land is even equipped with trails and meadows for year-round use!

We will complete the detailed analysis necessary to validate, certify, and achieve carbon neutral accreditation in conjunction with Allan Avis Architects and Golder Associates, London, ON, a global leader specializing in sustainable development. All of us here at Cowbell Brewing Co. will be proud to have the distinction of being North America’s first carbon neutral brewery.