Accessibility Matters


  • December 6th, 2017

For many years travelling North America and beyond with a family member who was visually impaired, it became a family game to identify restaurants, washroom facilities, community events or businesses with accessibility infractions. My husband was an adventurous soul, trusting his young daughters to guide him to the grocery store or post office, travelling over snow banks in winter, or under hanging flower pots along town sidewalks in summer. A minor trip or knock on the head was part of the adventure with his children in lead. But entering roadside service stations with no family washrooms, maneuvering through cramped and cluttered stores where a turn to the right or left resulted in knocked over or broken merchandise, or navigating airport customs without a sighted-guide or white cane became very intimidating. These were experiences we tried to avoid.

But Cowbell Brewing Co. is a game changer. It is a destination where accessibility has been carefully considered, discreetly integrated, with attention to detail in every aspect of the facility. With the support and guidance of local community members who have experienced life with a disability, Cowbell created a facility embedding their vision. This includes accessible parking spaces, a heated entrance walkway reducing ice and snow build-up in winter, clear pathways throughout, accessible washrooms on both floors, self-guided and VIP tours accommodated as needed, and comfortable restaurant and event spaces allowing families, guests and employees alike to enjoy the entire experience from the moment they arrive. It is a place for guests to mingle and enjoy special times with friends, colleagues or families.

If you require an accommodation for a tour or restaurant seating, we invite you to call and share your requests with our Guest Experience Team.

All are welcome at Cowbell and we look forward to seeing you in Blyth!