100 Days of “Holy Mackinaw!”

  • November 10th, 2017
  • By Grant Sparling


November 15 marks the 100th day since we opened the doors to the world at The Cowbell Farm. It has been 100 days of “Holy Mackinaw!” We say it every day around here – we are grateful for the support for the Cowbell story, our delicious beer, our truly locally-inspired Cowbell Kitchen, our courageous and growing Team, and for your patience as we quickly evolve this remarkable launch to support the best possible Guest Experience.

Over 70,000 Guests have been served at Cowbell, we have hosted four weddings and many memorable family and corporate events, and while we do not have comparative metrics by which to measure this, we appreciate the enthusiasm, to be sure.

Guests often ask...What is the number one selling menu item? Meat Lover’s Wood-Fired Pizza. What is the biggest surprise? The Guest demographic – from youngsters to oldsters, and everything in between. What is the number one selling beer? Shindig, by a country mile.

It is this direct engagement with Guests that our Team finds most rewarding. If my Grandpa were here, he would say, “It’s all about the service, my boy.” Grandpa was almost always right. And it is from this direct engagement and this sincere regard for our Guests that we continue to refine what we do and what is influencing the development of our Guest Experience Model. We call it our “Commitment to Excellence.”

But from the outset, one of our greatest challenges has been managing reservations. There was nothing in diligence to suggest we would be blessed with so many Guest calls for meals, events and celebrations and we have been working to manage the volume of calls and messages. Or, we would have (obviously :) pre-empted the challenges altogether. One hundred days in, we now have a team of four thoughtful individuals who manage all the Reservation calls. They are armed with common sense, great technology and the authority to make decisions. And effective December 1, Guests will be able to choose between making a reservation on-line or by calling Cowbell Reservations. One more step along the way in our commitment.

Thank you for your continued support. And on with the next 100 days!