Cowbell Reunion is a celebratory beer, inspired by memorable class reunions and joyous family gatherings. Reunion is an exclusive solera blend of every annually-released Almanac anniversary beer brewed since Cowbell’s opening in 2017. With the unique process of solera fractional blending, the Cowbell brewing team meticulously crafts a delicious depth of flavour in this truly one-of-a-kind beer. The annual release will always contain 50% of the current year’s Almanac beer, and 50% of the previous years’ blends. Enjoy your Reunion! Celebrate responsibly.

Release: end of November, annually.

Reunion 1st Solera Vintage

Anniversary Series


1st Solera Vintage

Reunion is a celebratory beer, inspired by memorable & joyous gatherings of family and friends. Cowbell Reunion 2019 is a solera blend of the first two Almanac Anniversary Beer releases: 50% Almanac 2018 Barleywine and 50% Almanac 2019 Imperial Stout. Each year, Reunion will evolve, adding new flavours to the blend, and deep vintage to its character. Enjoy today or store upright in a cool, dark location for up to 10 years or more.

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Availability: 750mL Bottle

Our Solera Process

Solera is a process also known as fractional blending that is most commonly used in the production of sherry, brandy, some port wines, and authentic balsamic vinegar. In a Solera, young beer (or wine, spirit, etc) is blended annually with older beer. After a period of ageing, some of that blend is packaged and released, and additional young beer is added to it to mature until the next release. The finished product is always a blend of old and young beers, matured together to create complexity, depth and romance.

Cowbell’s Reunion 1st Solera Vintage started when we packaged half of our 1st Anniversary Beer, Almanac 2018 Barleywine, and added the same amount of freshly brewed Almanac 2019 Imperial Stout. That blend aged for a year before its release. At that time, Almanac 2020 was added onto it in preparation for the following Reunion Solera.

Each year, Reunion will be a blend of 50% of the current Almanac Anniversary Beer, and 50% of all the prior Almanac Anniversary Beers. As every Almanac will be a different style and flavour, Reunion will evolve each year with flavour, depth, and interesting and nuanced maturity.

Reunion Timeline