Kelly’s Contraption New World Hefeweizen

Availability: 473mL Cans | 30L Kegs | 2L Growlers

This New World Hefeweizen combines the best of German wheat beer heritage with brewing innovation. Kelly’s Contraption shows all the elegance and subtlety of a classic Hefeweizen with nuances of new world German hops for added aroma and flavour, without bitterness.

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Kelly’s Contraption

The story of Kelly’s Contraption

John B. Kelly was a steam engine genius, engineer and inventor who built a working automobile in Blyth, Ontario in 1883, four years before Henry Ford. The weird, unpainted contraption was fitted with iron artillery wheels and made such a racket that it frightened horses and was eventually banned from the mud streets.

We are grateful for the assistance of the Repository of Blyth History as a source of names and stories of colourful Blyth characters.

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Cowbell’s Founders’ Series is our year-round collection of unique and delicious beers, each named for colourful and remarkable characters from Blyth’s past. The stories of these village characters are true — just like our passion for sharing great beer with our community.