Almanac 2019 Imperial Stout

Availability: 1.5L Bottle | 750mL Bottle

​Almanac 2019 Imperial Stout is luscious and delicious​,​ show​ing​ off ​notes of ​​roasted malt, ​espresso, chocolate,​ molasses and a hint of fudge​ and dark fruit complexity.​ ​​May be aged upright in a cool, dark location for 10 years or more.

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The story of Almanac 2019

Cowbell’s Anniversary Series is designed to genuinely celebrate the successes, challenges, and excitement of each momentous year since our launch in 2017. On our 1st Anniversary, we released Almanac 2018 and began brewing Almanac 2019, a deep and rich Imperial Stout. This exclusive beer matured in a specialty black fermenter with us during our entire second year. Its launch represents the culmination of our hard work, dedication and passion in a genuine and innovative Anniversary Beer. Each successive year we’ll continue to brew a new batch of a different Anniversary Beer to celebrate the upcoming year, and all the wonderful people that will help us make it a success.